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 An outstanding copy in the original UK driving licence, presented by the 1st class fakes team. It needs to be noted that this particular method sold strictly like a novelty item. By using a novelty driving licence for anything other than fooling friends and family is illegitimate and immoral, so don’t be stupid and then use it wisely. Our recommendation is that you keep the charge card in your place of residence continually, this will just be sure you avoid the crosshairs of law enforcement.
Each of our products are printed to PVC card at 1200 dpi using dye sublimation printers. Printing around this high choice of dpi does indeed change lives, particularly when in comparison to the average ID card. Other ID suppliers print at 300 dpi, to help you ensure that you are receiving an extremely nice quality finish for your novelty card. One of several other great things about printing at 1200 dpi is the fact that it enables us to add microprinting to your surface of the card, very few sellers can successfully replicate microprinting.

We will customize the card to precisely the way you want. One example is, we can easily add any photo, any name and address, any categories, custom driver number, etc. If you want a specific driver number or additional categories, you can enter that information to your additional comments box about the order form.
This novelty UK driving licence includes such safety features as: Multi Spectrum controls hologram overlay - Front of card UV Security imprints (only visible with a blacklight) - Front and rear of card Mimic date change effect underneath the photograph - Front of card Security pattern (background) - Front and rear of card Microprinting - Front and rear of card Gold colour changing leader motif - Back of card
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